Underground Preparation

Get ready for the Underground!


Do you want ot be part of The Underground but dont feel ready? Thats absolutely fine. The Underground system is suitable for beginners, but not everyone is comfortable training in large groups. Why not build your confidnce and knowledge with 1 on 1 training and enter the Underground at an intermediate level. At Yourfitness we help people build the foundational strength and learn the key fitness components before undertaking The Underground Fitness System. Improve your posture, your base fitness, or maybe just your confidence before moving down below. You can achieve a massive advantage by getting hands on instruction through our most popular exercises, so you can enter into the class at an intermediate level while also getting a head start on the diet and lifestyle info.

We can then bridge your personal training sessions into the Undegrround workouts, which you can attend for free while a client of Yourfitness.

– Master the basics

– Build your confidence

– Smash The Underground!

Recieve the perfect guidance to become fitness-self-sufficient. Contact us today.