What Clients Have Said

We have had the pleasure of training and working alongside some amazing people. We have been fortunate enough to build some good relationships along the way. Here are a few words some of our members have been kind enough to share:


About Personal Training


“I have found the expertise invaluable in regaining my pre-pregnancy figure. I’m stronger and fitter than ever. its the best money I’ve ever spent on myself”

–  Bernadette Pegum

“Patrick, my coach, is very easy going but highly professional, enthusiastic and passionate about fitness. I’ve lost buckets of weight and feel great. Thanks Patrick… I am slimmer and healthier than ever…”

–  Jules Buckley

“I’ve built alot of muscle and lost the spare tyre all thanks to the great training and practical eating that was finally made clear to me. there was so much I did’nt understand but now I do. Thanks guys, I’m looking good and feeling even better!”

– Paolo Cafolla

“Yourfitness helped me get into great shape in time for my sisters wedding. I look better and have more confidence than ever. the training and diet have definately paid off”

– Michael Holden

“I have lost over 20lbs since starting training less than two months ago, and have lost the pains in my knee. Cormac has been great, he has completely based my program around me and my goals and I thoroughly enjoy the sessions. They’re tough, but knowing they pay off I now look forward to them”

–  David Page

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About The Underground


“A lifestyle change was what was needed and i found Underground Fitness. I have completely changed body shape and have lost over 40lbs now and am so much fitter. I have tried so many other fitness regimes and gyms but always gave up due to lack of motivation and boredom. Undergrground fitness is a unique body workout and the guys are just brilliant. It’s now part of my lifestyle and I just love it.”

–  Kieran Murphy

“I cant speak highly enough of the team – “You saved me from myself!” Thanks”

–  Lisa Cullen

“Fantastic! Classes based on the cutting edge of exercise science – great bunch of guys. Super fun and always a new challenge”

– Mandy Monaghan

“I would definately recommend this club – the workout changes every two days so you never get bored and theres aways huge variety in the workouts themselves. the instructors are also friendly and super helpful!”

–  Annemarie Wood-Wolfe

“I found it really great – I went down two dress sizes and feel so much fitter”

–  Margaret Dunne

“having tried the likes of Westwood etc before, I would have no hesitation in recommending Yourfiitness to everyone. the classes are changing every two days which means you never get bored. they cater for all types of fitness levels and each exercise has a beginner – advanced workout. Unlike other classes, you can’t get away with doing a half attempt at an exercise as you will be caught out! As a gym goer for years I am in physically better shape – its a complete workout every time, and my fitness level has never been so high. I’ve been telling all my friends and will continue to do so”

–  Jackie O’Duffy

“Since being a gym goer for many years with little results I decided o give The Undeground a go. the workouts make each class different with different muscle groups being targeted so you get an all over body workout. I’ve been coming coming to the classe for a couple of months now and not only am I more toned but my fitness levels have increased dramatically!”

–  Pamela O’Duffy

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