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With our joint services from Yourfitness and The Underground Fitness, we know we can provide a training program or fitness class that suits you.

Supplying both 1-on1 and community training, we can tailor a fitness experience to suit your needs.


About Us


At YourFitness.ie, pride ourselves on our dedication to fitness and our constant strive to find new and exciting methods to stripping body fat and building functional lean muscle. We have been in operation since 2010, passionately improving our clients bodies, minds and spirits. Consisting of experienced resident and freelance trainers, our company has years of experience under its belt. Combined, we have trained hundreds of people to improved shape and confidence, and have achieved it by staying at the cutting edge of exercise and nutritional science.

Our personal trainers believe in fitness. We are all dedicated training enthusiasts who know how to keep you in your best shape, because we practice what we preach. We train hard and eat smart, and have built a wealth of knowledge we want to pass over to you.

The one thing we learnt from our personal training clients, is that they sometimes find it difficult to maintain and continue to improve their physiques when the time comes for them to leave our studio. To fill this void , The Underground Fitness Bootcamp was born. Originally just a training circuit held in our 1200sqm basement, The Underground has since grown to a high intensity fitness community devoted to gritty, effective training. Resistance machines and treadmills are a thing of the past, and high intensity training is the future.

Between our two fitness companies, we can meet the demand for anybody looking to improve their shape, fitness or sports performance. We are here because this is what we want to do. We love training, we love looking after our bodies, we love the thought of being stronger, fitter, and being able to do more with our bodies. This is a concept we pass onto others on a daily basis, and we want to pass this onto you too.