Whey Protein

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We now have Whey Protein available to buy in studio. We have been directing Yourfitness clients and Underground members to various fitness shops to buy their protein, but now we’re glad to say you can pick it up handily from us.

Whey Protein is an extremely convenient source of amino acids. More than 90% of training individuals have inadequate protein intake, which means as they are training they are missing out on the key building block for muscle fiber. If you do not meet your required protein intake levels you could be missing out on building that extra muscle tone, meaning less shape and less fat burning as a result. Above you can see a typical chart for protein requirements. As  trainers in the Underground following the Metabolic Diet we recommend you position yourself at 1.5, meaning 1.5gms of protein per kilogram of bodyweight.

You can supplement in a scoop or two of whey powder to help achieve this required level. Whey Protein, especially in this liquid form delivers to your muscles extremely fast, increasing recovery and muscle definition.


– Aids in Muscle Development

– Responsible for Strength Development

– Responsible for Metabolism Development

– Increases Fat Burning

– Decreases feelings of hunger


We do recommend that people supplement with whey, especially if they tend to eat less than 4 servings of either meat/fish/eggs per day. Gram for gram of protein whey powder is less expensive than meat and poultry, and is a great whey to add protein to smoothies and snacks, keeping your metabolism going throughout the day.


We sell Matador Premium Whey, produced in the UK.


matador whey