Weight Loss Techniques

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This tutorial is not designed to burn maximal fat. This is a guide for sacrificing muscle tone so see a drop on the scales. Instead of the healthy approach of building maximum muscle while you burn fat, this tutorial is for weight loss purely.

Suitable to:

– Primarily: Athletes looking to get into a lighter weight category. Lose mass to generate more speed.

– Women who don’t want to build any more muscle. (you will be sacrificing metabolism generation)

– People who have a lot of weight to lose.


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1.  Selecting The Correct Weight

2.  Placing Emphasis on Cardio

3.  Quick Transitions



So before you start you must understand a misconception about weight:

Muscle weighs more than fat. Muscle is vitally important to your metabolism and your ability to maintain lower fat levels. the Underground is all about building muscle WHILE burning fat. That is what toning really is. Many women report not seeing a dramatic drop on the scales, unaware they are simply replacing all the lost fat with heavier muscle that gives them shape and strength.

So only use this tutorial to increase weight loss on scales, and remember this is only a short term solution for some.

You must also understand the vital importance of how weight is controlled:

By calories! If you want to lose weight you must reduce calories past what you burn. If you want to lose weight but haven’t adopted our diet this is definitely the wrong option. Follow the Metabolic Diet and weight will drop.


So to recap…

…the Underground Fitness Club focuses its efforts primarily on toning, which is building muscle while burning fat. Muscle tone is purely the ratio of muscle to body fat. The more muscle and less fat, the more toned your appearance. If you feel you have a lot of body fat to lose and are not interested in building muscle,  you can increase immediate fat burning at the expense of muscle building.

How to emphasize fat burning in our workouts:

–  Keep moving constantly. Many small movements burn fat.

–  Pour most of your energy into cardio, plyometric and full body movements. Sacrifice energy in your strength stations for these, as they burn the most fat (initially).

–  Always use maximum weight possible to successfully rep throughout required time. (maximum weight to allow constant movement). Weights too heavy spark muscle growth.

– Remain as active as possible out side the gym. Lots of low intensity movement burns fat while allowing muscle recovery.



Dietary modifications

Remember, your weight is controlled heavily by calories in vs. calories out! You must follow the Metabolic Diet or other calorie controlled diet to see a reduction in weight. This tutorial only points out the methods on how to train.


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