Week 3 FAQ Sheet

By week 3 you should be starting to develop athletically and noticing performance improvements within our workouts. Its the most exciting time in the Underground when you realise you can go longer without fatiguing and can lift heavier weights with ease.

Heres an idea of some of the typical questions we’d here from people towards the end of their first month.


Its still just as difficult, am I getting Fitter?

Yes. Very much so. The workouts we provide will always be difficult as you will naturally strive to do more and more each workout. What you may not realise is that you are doing more work within the same time. It is only training outside your comfort zone that really sparks a change in your physiology, so the fact there is always a heavier kettlebell or more difficult exercise means the possibilities of developing your body are endless.

How many times a week should I be doing it?

We recommend 3 workouts a week for the average person. A great benefit can be seen from just 2 workouts a week, and we do have people who supplement their own sports training with just one workout a week. Training 3 times a week gives you a day off to rest in between, and it is when you are resting that muscle tissue develops. Fitter individuals who are more accustomed to high intensity fitness training and get lost of sleep could train 4 days a week.

I’m not losing weight, what am I doing wrong?

Well firstly, do you think you are toning up? If so, you are simply swapping muscle for fat. Muscle weighs more and is also what gives you a strong metabolism, so this is a very desirable result. This is called reconditioning, the most proven method to burn fat and keep it off long term. Remember this is not Yo-Yo dieting where you lose fat, muscle and fluid, you are becoming stronger, fitter and healthier. You will build a certain amount of muscle faster at the start, and eventually your over-all weight on the scales will start to drop as you continue to burn bodyfat. A nice toned physique will be the outcome, with a strong metabolism to keep fat away for good.

I am actually putting on weight!

In this situation you need to question your compliance with nutrition. There is literally no salvation for eating a lot of junk food, if you eat way too many calories your body will become heavier. At least the weight you would be putting on is more likely to be muscle than fat. Underground workouts burn a lot of calories and raise your metabolism significantly. If you are gaining weight you are probably really over-doing it on calories, you must adopt the Metabolic Diet and weight will drop guaranteed.

Can I get weighed in?

Yes, we offer half Personal Training sessions for €30 where we can measure your weight, height, body fat and take tailor measurements. We will also have time to discuss your diet and some of the pit-falls you need to over-come. Its a great way to get motivated.

Can I get some additional help?

Yes, we are primarily personal trainers. You can come to us for a number of sessions to help develop certain areas you feel might be lacking. Again, its an amazing confidence boost and a great way to get your head centred on the goal at hand.


If you have any questions further, simply use the contact sheet on this site, or contact us on 0876145063.

See you Underground!