Underground Training Principles

What Makes The Underground So Different?


Tough training with raw equipment. When all else fails hit the hammer hard and results are guaranteed. This is what Underground Fitness is all about. Is this like any other bootcamp or fitness class? Hell no.


How we train here at the Underground is vitally different to any other fitness club because of how we blend 4 things:

1.  Non-Adaptive Equipment Based Training

2.  Metabolic Nutrition

3.  Support

and finally…

4.  A Fun Challenge!

The combination of these elements make the Underground not only a tough and continuously fun challenge, but it makes it progressively effective as well. Our non-adaptive training is all about creating significant enough changes in training stimulus to keep the body challenged. Our workouts continue to develop muscle in various parts of the body in different ways and in different intensities. For example instead of training the power in your legs by doing a weekly program of one exercise, the Underground develops power in your legs in a continuously varying pattern giving an all-round better training stimulus. We always add something new so your body has something to adapt to.

Coupling our training approach with the Underground Lifestyle; the Metabolic Diet, you will see lasting results that will resonate through your entire life. The Underground Lifestyle is a learning experience that develops your diet into the perfect animal. As you learn how your body responds to what its supposed to be eating, you’ll find it hard to go back. Everyone takes elements of this nutritional plan with them. The idea is to apply our dietary programming to get into the shape you want, and then maintain your progress with the information you have learned. That’s what makes the Underground a complete system unlike anywhere else.

Our workouts combine some core training principles that together open you up to a world of physical possibility. We plan on continuously developing our workouts to be more and more enjoyable to take part in. Why? Well, not only do we want to keep our workouts the best in Ireland, but we as trainers really enjoy the challenge of developing things to new heights.

Our trainers are also there as a support network for our members. Why? Well, this time its because we have an obligation to get you into shape. Its our duty, its why we’re here. Some people feel they place burden on others when they seek help, but helping individuals is our job as personal trainers, and we enjoy doing it immensely, so just ask!

There is careful science and strategy placed behond our ongoing workouts. Even though we change the style of our workouts regularly, here are a couple of training principles you will be subjected to:


Cross Functional Training

Workouts in the Underground are all about combining different training methods together in whats called a cross functional pattern. For example, training heavy on your muscles pulls blood into that area. If you were to go straight into cardio like jogging straight after your heart and energy systems would have to do immediate work to process this new stress. Just when your body gets into the rhythm of supplying good energy and oxygen aerobically you’re back into an anaerobic exercise where your body must rapidly change its output again. This training pattern not only lets you develop many bodily functions in one workout, but also helps greatly develop your cardiovascular and metabolic systems (while burning an enormous amount of calories along the way).

PHR Training

Peripheral Heart Rate Training is a pattern that involves training opposite sides of the body in succession. If you train your lower body, then your upper body, then your lower body again your heart has to do continuous work to drive blood up and down your body. This greatly improves cardiovascular output while also developing the strength of the trained muscles.


Alternates is a form of circuit training we developed to place more emphasis on strength development. It involves alternating between 2 exercises in one station for a period of time before moving on to another station. This means that unlike a traditional circuit a particular exercise is done 3 times in a shorter period of time, meaning more stress for that muscle. More stress means more tone and definition.


Of course, the training here is an on-going mix of challenges that are never repeated. It will always be a different workout. As we grow and develop our workouts further, and get new equipment, it just means will can add more and more variance. Training with us you can be guaranteed a high intensity workout that will challenge you every time.

If you have any more questions on our training, just grab one of the trainers and ask us then and there. We might even address the class, because of course we all want to learn!