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Paleo Carbonara

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Paleo Carbonara



• 2-3 Courgettes
• 6 Pieces of Turkey Bacon (or regular)
• 2 Cloves of Garlic, Peeled & Minced
• 1/2 Cup of Almond Milk
• 1 Tablespoon of Arrowroot Flour
• 1 Egg
• Salt & Pepper
• Parmesan to Serve


Start by cooking the bacon and garlic on low/medium heat (don’t want to burn the garlic) while you prepare the rest.
Whisk the egg and set it aside. Add the almond milk to a saucepan on medium heat. Add the arrowroot powder in slowly while whisking constantly. Keep whisking for almost a minute until it gets nice and thick and remove from heat.
Slowly add the almond milk mixture into the whisked egg while stirring. Season with salt and pepper.
Take the bacon and garlic out of the pan and add the spiralized courgette. Slice the bacon into little slices. Cook the courgette for about 2 minutes, swirling and tossing it regularly.
Add the courgette to a bowl and pour the egg sauce in straight away. Toss it around to coat the ‘pasta’ and cook the egg. Add in the bacon. Season with salt and pepper and serve!


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