Tailoring Your Diet Effectively

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Finding Your Burner Type – What Fuels You?

There is not one diet to suit all. The Metabolic Diet is what we believe to the best way to eat towards a fit, healthy and fat free life, but there is not one meal plan for everyone. The Quick Start Diet and following the instruction of The Metabolic Diets teaching will have an astounding effect, but we want to go beyond that.

Everyone’s body is quite unique, and to really master your diet for perfect body composition you must find what your body responds to.  Our bodies have two main energy sources at its disposal, fat and sugar (carbs), which burn together in varying ratios. How we choose to live our lives currently, our past eating habits and our genetics plays a part on which fuel source dominates.

This section is here to help you find your burner type to see what is currently your bodies preferred energy source. Making dietary changes according to how your body deals certain foods will have a profound effect on your body composition as we tip the scales towards bodyfat. To do that we MUST find out what energy source dominates you now.

There are 3 main types of burners

Sugar Burner,  Muscle Burner, and Mixed Burner

we want to find what type you are, and turn you into a:


So first of all we must ask a few questions to determine which type you are.

Sugar Burners are on one side of the spectrum, Muscle Burners on the other side, with Mixed Burners in the middle.