Strength Training Techniques

Improving Strength and Size


You must remember the Underground is about lean muscle development, not bulky size. If you are looking to be a bodybuilder, you are simply in the wrong place. We seek to develop strong, muscular and athletic physiques, but saying that, you can always use methoads to place more emphasis on muscle and strength development.


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So to recap…


… training for strength and size is all about muscle stimulation. You need to lift enough weight to stress your muscle fibre to micro tear. It is in these micro tears that your muscle rebuilds larger as an adaption to a new stress its encountered. Technique is key as the more weight the more likely there be strain on muscle tissue. Sacrifice fat burning for muscle development to make sure you have the energy and strength to perform heavier lifts safely and effectively. Remember full range of motion is key to fully developing the complete length of muscle tissue.


Here’s the top tips for building muscle in our workouts:

–  Save as much energy as you need to make big lifts.

–  Keep your heart rate lower going into bigger strength exercises.

–  3-8 reps in a station develops strength (around 3-5) towards power (around 6-8).

–  8-12 reps goes more towards muscle stimulation. 15+ is heading into toning territory.

–  Lift only what weight you can perform in good technique.

–  Do not sacrifice a stable back for any exercise.


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