Rules And Safe Practice

At the Underground we are all about safety and consideration to other members, so here’s a few things we ask you to adhere to while you train with us:


1.  That you be kind and courteous to other members.

2.  Try to leave the training area clean, use the bin provided.

3.  Do not be too dramatic when changing stations, be aware of the movement of other members.

4.  Please do not spit in the gym area. You can go outside or use the bin provided.

5.  If you have a tendency to sweat, please carry a sweat towel or purchase one of our sweat bands.

6.  Please put training equipment back as found to be easily selected by other members.

7.  Please do not talk loudly during stretch or talk-through. It can be distracting.

8.  Please be considerate of other peoples belongings in the rest area.

9.  Please do not fly through cups. Just use one while you’re in. We go through so many of them.

10.  Please do not roar or be too aggressive with your training, just take the pain you wuss.


Adhering to the rules will make it a more pleasant training experience for everyone. Thank you for reading and agreeing to abide by the regulations.