Underground Fitness Programming

Creating Your Training Program


Below you will see two programs, one of which you will be following. Start with Program A and work into Program B when you feel able. Follow the Metabolic Diet nutritional information we provided you, which starts by reading the Read-2-Get Ripped Booklet we gave you. The Underground workouts, the programs below and the Metabolic Diet are all designed to work in conjunction with each other. The end result of a successful Metabolic training and nutrition plan will be a strong, lean and healthy physique. We are looking to define and shape your entire body, not just drop size from certain areas. We don’t just want to “shrink”, we want to define and strengthen. Curves, muscularity and the look of athleticism come from lean muscle tissue and its ratio to body fat. We will develop lean muscle to make it hard, while bringing down over-lying bodyfat. This is the most powerful approach to changing your body.



program-B program-A



Alongside your workouts, for added fat burning you have the option of adding additional cardio workouts performed by yourself.

All of the intense training will take place in the Underground, with low intensity training taking place by yourself on your own accord. You will be aiming for 3-4 Underground workouts a week (based on the program we agree together), and either 2-3 days of cardio. It is in your best interest to separate the Underground workouts as much as possible as recovery plays a massive part in your progress. The Underground also sets up a new workout after every Lunch time class (Mon/Wed/Fri)


Cardio is to be low intensity only! This means stick to longer durations of light exercise, like fast walking. Do not do any exercise that puts you under any stress, as these days are designed with recovery in mind. Your muscles can still recover from Underground workouts while walking, but not while doing higher intensity exercise like if you were to break into running. More is not more in this case! Your primary fat burning will come from your nutrition, and your muscle toning will come from your Underground Workouts. Low intensity cardio is simply an additional form of fat burning to supplement your efforts.


You cannot stretch too much, it can be performed 10 times a day if you wanted. So try fit it in when you can, aim for 2-5 times a week (performing stretches in both videos). The videos can be found in the members area at the bottom of the previous page.




Nutrition will be 80% of your results. You cannot out train a bad diet, so for the duration of the program try to stay as clean as possible and stick to the plan. Its gets easier as you go on. You should have picked up a Read-2-Get Ripped Guide and an A4 Meal Plan from us. If not, say it to one of our team next time you’re in and we will provide you with one. If you want, we can supply you with a diet log to track your meals for a week, which we can then review for you.

Download and Read the following 2 guides. Read the Quick Start Guide first to get a general idea on what to do, and then expand on this by reading the Metabolic Diet.

Quick Start Guide

(printer safe version)

Full UG Metabolic Diet

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