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Metabolic Diet – Your Average Day

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Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmailI just want to give everyone an idea of what an average days intake would look like, with 3 examples of each.

So, the bulk of your plate is Protein and Fibre (the more filling nutrients) , then fats and carbs. If the typical meal set below doesnt fill you, add more protein and fibre.

The Day

– Wake up in the morning


1.   Oatmeal with water, protein shake (100% whey)

2    Wheat and Gluten Free Toast (2 slices) with 4 egg omelette (1 yolk)

3    Left-Overs from Last Nights dinner

–  Snack (2.5 hours later)

1    Protein Shake

2    Celery and Peanut Butter

3    6-8 almonds and Apple

Lunch (2.5 hours later)

1    Grilled Chicken Breast with Cabbage and Mashed Sweet Potato (0.5 cups)

2    Salmon Darne with lemon juice and 1 cup brocolli, slice toast (no wheat/gluten)

3    Salad – Brocolli, Olives, Small amount feta cheese.

–   Snack 2 (3 hours later)

1    Brocolli (al Dente) mash with Hommous

2    Cabbage and Ripped Chicken Mash with olive spread.

3    Apple,  1 tlbs  Almond/ Cashew Nut Butter

–  Dinner (2.5 hours later)

1     Organic Beef Cuts, Spinach (Olive Spread) and Celery

2     Roasted Mackerel with lemon slices, celery and spinach leaves.

3     Organic Beef Mince with chopped tomatoes and spices with brocolli, cabbage and olive spread.


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  1. Sisi  September 5, 2012

    How long is the “diet” for actually? How many protein shakes can we have per day? Are protein shakes also OK for days we’re not working out? Thanks for the answers 😉

    • Patrick  September 5, 2012

      Hi Sisi, its best not to look at this as a diet. It is simply a method of eating that results in a healthier diet. So you could eat this way for as long as you like, or until you reach a target goal. Unlike other diets that plateau and give you only a certain time frame in which to get results, this plan should deliver consistent body conditioning.

      Protein shakes are good to have every day, as your muscles will be recovering 24/7. Protein shakes are good protein sources, but they come with unwanted additives like sweeteners. They are “supplements”, so use them when you cant get in another protein source, but I’d say 1 or 2 scoops of most proteins would be fine a day. 🙂


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