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Ketogenic Menu – Brocolli, Olives and Egg Salad

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Fresh broccoli florets Boiled eggs
Green olives Red Onion
Mayonnaise Black Pepper
Paprika Salt

How to Prepare:

Quantities of everything according to taste. I would use I bunch brocooli, 3 eggs chopped in large pieces, ½ cup olives, ½ large red onion chopped. The rest of the ingredients really depend on your preferences, but black pepper really makes this salad. Mix everything together and coat well with mayo. Chill and serve.


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  1. Jules Buckley  June 8, 2010

    say i have the brocolli, olive and egg salad and then for dinner i have shrimp and egg… will my egg consumption still be ok or will that be too much in one day…

    • Patrick  June 9, 2010

      Thats the thing to be careful about on this diet. Although you can eat fat, you dont want to go nuts on saturated fats (bad fats). Saying that egg yolks arent all bad, they are full of essential omega 6 and 9. I would try to keep it below 2 (maybe 3) egg yolks a day (1 each meal say..), and you can still eat as many whites as you like (pure bio-available protein).


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