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Ketogenic Menu – Shrimp Egg Salad

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2 eggs – hard boiled
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 cup shrimp – frozen, cocktail

How to Prepare:
Chop boiled eggs into bowl add mayonnaise and mix well. Dump frozen shrimp into boiling water for 1 min then drain. Add shrimp to egg salad. Mix and chill This is good on Atkins bread, a bed of chopped spinach, or just by itself

Thanks to Lowcarb101.com


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  1. Jules Buckley  June 8, 2010

    I am on a very very low carb intake will this be ok for me (as this consists of bread)

    • Patrick  June 9, 2010

      What it says there is “Atkins bread”. Its made for the atkins diet which is based around ketosis. Atkins products are hard to come by, but consist of very little carbohydrates. I wouldnt imagine carb-less bread would be very nice. Just dont include it as an ingredient. Bread is definately a no no


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