The Underground Explained


Welcome To The Underground Fitness Club


The Underground is a high intensity training system like no other. We will supply you with everything you need to get super fit and athletically lean. You can find links in your welcome email to our diets and training videos, as well as instruction on how to add our info page to your home screen.

Our Workouts

All the Underground workouts are cross functional in nature, involving consistent resistance exercises with very little rest time between. This consistent work keeps your heart rate high developing your cardiovascular fitness. By lifting weights and your own body weight in our workouts you will improve strength and muscle definition. By their very nature our workouts greatly raise your metabolism and burn body fat. A lot of the exercises that we use in our workouts are functional, meaning they greatly resemble the movements of real life. Unlike regular weight training, our exercise can help strengthen you in every position. Our training is 3 dimensional, improving your strength through all 3 planes instead of just up/down, left/right. Think of the varied joint movement that happens if you fall over and pick yourself up, many muscle groups are involved together, which is how we train.


Rules of the Underground

The Underground is a community, we ask you show respect to us and other members at all times. Please adhere to these rules:

– Please be considerate of other members. No cursing, abusive gesturing or rude behaviour.

–  Please be considerate of other peoples belongings in the rest area.

–  Please do not spit openly, especially in workout. Please uset

–  If you sweat, please carry a towel or wear a sweatband as courtesy to other members.

–  Please leave weights back in orderly fashion so other members can easily find the resistance they require.


Personal Training

Personal Training is available to anyone who wishes to further their fitness efforts. We can take a hands on approach with your training and nutrition to make sure you are getting maximal results. Its a great idea if you’ve got something coming up that needs a little extra focus.

It is run through our brother company, Yourfitness. Please ask one of the trainers for information, or to book in for a quick consultation.