FAQ Sheet / Trouble Spots

Below is our FAQ sheet for the Metabolic Diet, and at the bottom is some info on trouble spots of the body.


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Is this an actual diet… diet?

Even though we refer to it as a diet, it’s not really. A diet signifies controlling calories which you won’t be doing. This is more of a lifestyle choice, but it can be run for a period of time. We refer to diet as the way you eat.

Who can use the Metabolic Diet?

Just about anybody who wants to be well defined, healthy and strong. It works by manipulating hormones to burn fat and not muscle. Absolutely anyone can benefit form eating correctly.

Who’s it great for?

Anybody, but especially people who have been dieting and hit a plateau in weight loss. This is a great over-all plan, but is perfect for people who have damaged their metabolism and ability to lose body fat.

Have I hit a plateau?

If you’ve been dieting and training and haven’t been losing body fat, then yes. If you have stopped seeing results no matter what you try, the most likely outcome is that you have damaged your metabolism.

Can I build Muscle on this diet?

Yes, if that’s your goal. This plan supports muscle growth but is primarily a fat burner. You just need to increase calories (especially protein) to help support maximal muscle growth.

Is it difficult?

At the start you may have to control yourself, but your body will adapt by eliminating cravings and hunger ultimately removing will power from the equation. This diet enables you to eat as much you like (just of the right things), which makes it more sustainable.

Will I need a lot of will power?

No. If run effectively this plan helps correct your brain chemistry to reduce pressure and cravings, reducing your actual need to possess will power. Think of a day you’re really busy, you don’t think of food or sweet things at all. if the temptation isn’t in mind it doesn’t exist. This diet will help change your brain chemistry so it wont be on your mind.

Is it effective?

Yes, and the results should be consistent as your metabolism stays strong. Get this right and you’re going to a good place.

Does it help with cellulite?

Yes, although perceptions about cellulite have been incorrectly fuelled by bogus myths. Cellulite is dimpling of forming bodyfat under the skin. The only clear thing that effects cellulite a lack of blood to oxygenate the fat layer. Cellulite is bodyfat that needs to burnt off like anything else. Cellulite can be seen when you get older more so because of a decline in growth hormone. High intensity training raises growth hormone levels, so Underground Training can help with that.


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What do I do if I get cravings in the evening?

Don’t mistake cravings with hunger. Cravings are a desire for a specific thing. If you get cravings you need to check your stress levels. Cravings are a sign of cortisol, the stress hormone. Monitor your sleep (try to get 8 hours) and try to get adequate down time. Distance yourself form the things that really take it out of you. You may also need to eat a little more during the day.

What do I do if I get hungry in the evenings?

The usual thing to do would be to eat, but that’s not enough here. You need to avoid being hungry. Up your intake of protein and fibre until it subsides. You may also be taking too large a break between meals, so close the gap with a snack in between.

What do I do if I feel low in energy in the evenings?

It depends how low. You can feel rested in the evening, but if you feel weak you need to up your intake of calories in the meals surrounding this energy dip. First raise protein and fibre, with some fats. If that doesn’t work, then raise your intake of carbohydrates through the day. An energy dip is usually caused by a lack of nutrients a few hours before.


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Trouble Spots


Some people find it hard to shift bodyfat in certain areas, and although you cannot spot reduce body fat (fat gets burned uniformly from around the body), you can manipulate your nutrients to change where your body stores it. Men tend to store more fat around the waist and have leaner arms and shoulders  due to testosterone levels. Women on the other hand tend to have smaller waists with fat storage happening around the hips and thighs. Estrogen and progesterone are responsible for this. These trouble areas the usually the last pockets of fat to go, but applying the Metabolic Diet can have a positive implication on fat release due to its balancing of hormone levels.

Cortisol and Insulin also play a big part on fat storage, resulting in more storage around the waist in both men and women. Men will see a fat reduction firstly in their face, arms and legs. The waist usually comes last. The same applies for women and their hips. If men OR women fail to see come from the stomach area (especially the belly-button), it is usually to do with cortisol levels caused by stress. So, check your sleep and environmental factors and try to pin-point and eliminate the stress. Fat storage around the love handles could be a sign of high insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone cretaed iun the pancreas that gets sugar out of the blood, which can be stroed as fat in this area. So to reduce love handles lowewr your carbohydrate intake, or reduce the Glycaemic Load of those carbohydrates (white rice is higher GI than brown rice etc).