Corporate testimonial

The hard working and dedicated team of Pfizer were nice enough to take a break from their high intensity training and write some kind words on their experience.


Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals is a company which prides itself on helping colleagues to maintain a healthy work/life balance and in doing so has established an action plan for ensuring that colleagues are not only engaged within the work place but active and health.

In line with this goal the site established Sport and Social Committee (SAS) at the Dun Loaghaire plant had been actively looking to organize some well rounded fitness classes for colleagues to participant in. Due to the demographic on site any fitness classes organized had to incorporate all fitness level to ensure site wide inclusion.


“With this aspect in mind the Committee proceeded to look at Fitness Companies who would be able to supply these types of classes. It was on recommendation from site colleagues that the Committee were introduced to the Team at YourFitness.


On consultation with Committee members the Team at YourFitness put together 2 evening Underground classes for the site which start in February 2011. The Team provided the Committee with additional information on kettlebell training, as well as a detailed staff email to introduce kettlebells to colleagues. The YourFitness instructors were also made available to come on site to present information session for any colleagues interested in participating in the classes.

The personal attention shown from the start of organizing these classes (and which has continued throughout the classes) lead to the classes being filled.


The YourFitness Team describes the Underground classes as a great way to increase strength, endurance, agility and balance, challenging both the muscular and cardiovascular system with dynamic, total-body movements. Our Colleagues have found this to be the case and enjoyed the classes so much a second round of classes were started straight after the completion of the first round.


When asked participating colleagues have said that the Team at YourFitness has helped them gain better results, and the added help offered in nutritional knowledge and motivation from the instructors has increasing their fitness gain from the classes. They have found the experience to be enjoyable and fun with the safe environment of the YourFitness center.


Overall the experience the Committee has had work with the YourFitness Team in the organizing of these classes has been professional and courteous. All participants enjoyed the experience and the results thoroughly, and felt it greatly benefited their health.


The Committee would highly recommend the Team at YourFitness to any company looking to initiate a fitness programme and look forward to continuing the great relationship that has been established.


Wendy Noctor

Sport and Social Treasurer