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CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) – For Fat burning

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Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmailCLA is a non-essential fatty acid, found in beef and dairy fats. (Anything  “non-essential” cannot be produced by the body, but has to be sourced in food). CLA has been shown to cause a boost in the metabolism resulting in a lowering of bodyfat (or an assistance in achieving lower bodyfat). In higher doses it has been shown to support lean mass. What this means is that usually when you lose weight your body goes “catabolic” (which means to breakdown, unlike “anabolic” – to grow ie. Anabolic Steroids!), so you can lose muscle aswell as fat/water. CLA is shown to stop catabolism, leaving lean muscle intact when bodyfat reduces.

 A thing to remember is that with most of my clients I have the training/diet arranged to stop catabolism! (to BUILD muscle while losing bodyfat). CLA can help support this!

CLA should be used at the recommended dose on the packaging, I cant tell you here because their potencies vary.

The most potent natrual source of CLA is cream, but is best avoided, second place is grass fed dairy and cattle, then my favourite ..   Avocado <I miss Australia 🙁 >


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