Setting Up Your App

This page has been created to help members set up the Underground App.


Using the app is very easy (takes honestly about 8 seconds to book a workout), but will require a personal password from you to function.

– Creating a Password

To use the app for booking you will need your account email and your password. Members who joined by filling in a form in house will not have a password, but people who joined online would have been directed to set one up.

The image below shows our online software (not the app) and instructions on where to click. Click My Info (Step 1), then input your name into the box on the right (Step 2). Your name should appear, beside it click “this is me” and follow the instructions.

Click on the link button below the image to be taken to the software. Once you have set your password you can use the App. The online software can be used to book classes if you do not have a smartphone to use the app (Step 3), once your password has been created.




Click This Link To Get Started


Installing the App on my smartphone

iPhone Users –  Search “Underground Fitness” in iTunes Store.

Android Users –  Search “Underground Fitness” in Play Store.