Summer 30 Day Challenge


Take The Challenge, and Earn Your Shirt!


Underground Fitness Dublin is proud to be putting forth the challenge to lose as much body fat as possible over a 30 day period. The 30 Day challenge requires you to attend 3 of our Underground workouts a week over any 4 week period of your choice before the end of the Summer (Ending September 1st), as well as performing 3 additional days of moderate intensity cardio a week.

You must also swear to have abided by the nutrition rules having done your best to stick to the plan. You sign off on the workouts, additional cardio and nutritional programming in house with us.

We will start your program with an initial body composition test, which we will then measure again after 1 month.

If you can perform the 12 Underground workouts, 12 cardio sessions and stick to the nutrition plan in a 4 week period, you will be rewarded with our coveted trophy t-shirt, available only to those who pass the test!


How To Get Involved


The challenge takes place in the Underground Fitness Dublin, so you can have a complimentary trial of the Underground before accepting the challenge. Click on FREE TRIAL  on the UNDERGROUND drop down above and follow the instructions to book your trial.

To join, you can sign up by setting up an account on our system (click button below), and purchasing the “30 day challenge” in the Retail tab. It can be seen under “Series and Memberships” .This tab only becomes visible after you set up an account and are logged in. So when you attend your 2nd session with us, we will begin your 30 day challenge!!!

Within 24 hours of joining online you will receive our welcome email, containing all of our training tutorials and nutritional information.

So, take the challenge and see just how much you can lose!!!!


(and remember to take your trial before joining below)

take the challenge!